A Baby’s Life

by Laura Gordon - July 29th, 2013

Babies do not stress about time management.  Hush your haughty derision and let me continue.  I realize they don’t have conventional deadlines and appointments but they certainly have an internal clock that helps them regulate their own wants and needs over the course of a day.  Without filling a Daytimer with countless reminders and flags, and without ever asking Siri for reminder pings, they accomplish everything they need to get done. Every single day.  In the land of productivity and task completion, babies are leading the pack. No, time management is strictly an adult concept and the truth is, we might be better off if we followed a baby’s schedule.

Without the aid of an alarm clock, and five subsequent snooze alarms, babies wake up.  Why?  Because they are all done sleeping and need to get on with the next item on the agenda, breakfast.  No reservations are needed for a visit to the high chair.  They simply eat when their tummies and brains sync up and demand food.  Looking for an early bird special or a great Groupon doesn’t factor one bit. When they need their diaper changed, they don’t fret about when to schedule a trip to the changing table, they simple let their needs be known and presto, a clean bottom is achieved.  The lesson here is if we get our work done when we need to, there is nothing to stress over.

Babies don’t procrastinate, nor do they postpone joy.  If they want to stack the blocks up and then knock them down, they do it.  They don’t stress over keeping the tower intact so that everyone can look at their accomplishments and tell them how pretty it is.  That need for adulation comes much later in life when their Daytimers are so full that not even Siri knows where they are supposed to be.  Lesson learned here is that if you want to have that double ice-cream cone, go for it.  And don’t let societal pressures make you think otherwise.  Babies certainly don’t.

Babies know when they have had enough and they lie down and go to sleep, wherever they may be.  They don’t stay up late to flip through another book and they certainly don’t forgo sleep in order to meet deadlines.  No, that block tower will still be there waiting to be knocked over the very next day.  And the next.  Sleep is really important and when they are big people, they will have many opportunities to burn the midnight oil.

I fully understand that as adults, we cannot simply live like babies.  Nothing would ever get done, right?  Perhaps.  But think of an alternative where we engage in pursuits that challenge our minds while not stressing over how to incorporate these into the minutia that really weighs us down.  Think of how amazing life would be without alarm clocks and deadlines. Could we sustain our society without stress, or would we all flourish without the constraints of stress?