The Infant Program at Mountainside

In the early months of life, infants are experiencing their physical and social environment. Long before they can move around, they explore with their eyes, attend to sounds, and manipulate objects within their grasp. We provide many play materials that support their development. The materials we provide for birth to six months are safe and include a range of interesting things to see, hear, and touch. ¬†These materials support the infant’s developing self-awareness by allowing the infant to produce effects. ¬†For infants seven months through twelve months we provide a range of appealing things to explore and manipulate including various materials that reward early attempts at mastery.

Our infant room schedules are individualized, allowing each infant to eat and sleep according their own schedules. The infants are offered many different activities throughout the day that encourage fine motor, gross motor, social-emotional and cognitive development. Diapering occurs every two hours or as needed throughout the day.

Parent Testimonial:

We have found Mountainside to be far more than just child care for our family, it is where our daughters began to develop mentally, physically, and socially. The teachers give us constant feedback on our girls development which allows us to build their home activities around their school curriculum. Having two girls go through the Infant Program we have been able to see how each was given an individual focus on their needs. My wife and I work full time and Mountainside has been very supportive in meeting the various needs of a busy family. When your children are your first priority it is a relief for us to know they are with good people and who are giving them the very best.

–Patty and Richard