“It takes a village to raise a child and both our children (Kaili and Jakob) have benefited greatly from the love and guidance from ALL the teachers at Mountainside. Kaili and Jakob have been attending Mountainside since they were 3 months old and are currently in the Preschool and Toddler programs. Their days are filled with multiple sensory and educational activities that we would never have had the time or know-how to expose to them by ourselves. Whether it’s painting with colored ice cubes, dancing with the Music Man, learning sign language, or simply figuring out how to effectively handle social situations with their peers, Mountainside provides a safe and caring environment for them to grow into curious and confident little people.”

–Vanessa and Todd

“We have found Mountainside to be far more than just child care for our family, it is where our daughters began to develop mentally, physically, and socially. The teachers give us constant feedback on our girls development which allows us to build their home activities around their school curriculum. Having two girls go through the Infant Program we have been able to see how each was given an individual focus on their needs. My wife and I work full time and Mountainside has been very supportive in meeting the various needs of a busy family. When your children are your first priority it is a relief for us to know they are with good people and who are giving them the very best.”

–Patty and Richard

“Our daughter Hailey has been with Mountainside since she was 4 months old and we cannot say enough good things about it! Her development and growth has been truly amazing. Hailey recently made a big transition from Toddler to Preschool I, and with the help of her teacher, Ms. Verna, it was seamless. The staff genuinely cares about all the kids there, taking time to update parents on how their child is doing. The activities they do are centered around having fun and learning, and so creative, and the pictures of the kids participating are so fun to see! Hailey has a story about her friends and what she did at school everyday, it is so nice to see the friendships she have formed over the years. Her teacher Ms. Verna has become like a family to us. We are so happy we made the choice to go to Mountainside and recommend it to people all the time!!”

–Bryan and Carla

“Mountainside is a place where you can feel like your children are cared for, loved, and developed when you leave for the day. The hardest choice we have had to make thus far in life is where our son Miles would be and who would take care of him upon my return to work. At first, we enrolled him with another day care center in the area but we just felt something was missing – and thus began our search for a better match. The moment we walked into Mountainside and met the staff, we knew that it was where he should be…five years later Miles graduated from the Preschool program fully prepared to enroll in Kindergarten.

The Mountainside staff is caring and loving to all the children and they take time out to know and understand the parents – while becoming an integral part of each family’s life for your tenure. If we had to make the decision again we would choose Mountainside without any hesitation. If anything, we thank the amazing staff at Mountainside for being some of the first family, friend, and teachers our son will have known in his early development.”

– Sakina and Seth

“My 4-year old son began Chinese classes at Mountainside this past year. Both my husband and I believe learning a foreign language is instrumental to a child’s education. Neither one of us speak a foreign language fluently presumably because we were not exposed to foreign language until middle school. When the opportunity arose for Jake to take Chinese weekly at Mountainside we jumped at the opportunity. Every week the teacher sends home worksheets with what the children learned that day. Since we don’t speak Chinese it was hard to really grasp what he was learning. One day we decided to sit in on the class. We were amazed. Not only were the children speaking Chinese, their accents were perfect, giving credence to the idea that children learn languages easily when taught early. We have since allowed Jake the use of an old iPhone and downloaded an App for children’s Chinese that we often find Jake using. As a working parent, having this opportunity has been wonderful. Programs such as this are what make Mountainside stand out from the rest.”

– Brian and Kristin

“Our daughter, Abby, started in the Preschool Program at Mountainside and is now about to graduate from the Pre-K Program. During her time in Pre-K we have seen a tremendous amount of personal growth in our little girl, demonstrating the well-rounded education she is receiving. Her teachers are always finding creative and fun ways to teach the class; whether playing educational games, performing science experiments, cooking, or going on nature walks. Mountainside also encourages the children to exercise their bodies as well as their minds by offering fun programs such as Jump Jiggle and Jive, soccer camp and singing songs with Mr. Philip. The teachers truly care about each child’s development and work to ensure they are providing your child with a solid foundation for the school years.  Abby thoroughly enjoys her time at Mountainside and looks forward to going to school each day.

– Jonathan and Jaymie

I have enjoyed watching the Music Man perform with my infant son. The program was interactive and age appropriate. The children, including my son, enjoyed singing, dancing, and playing instruments with the Music Man. I thought it was a great creative and energetic outlet for the kids.

– Christine