The Pre K & Kindergarten at Mountainside

In our Pre-K program, the classroom is set up to be developmentally appropriate for the children enabling them to master skills at their own pace. Children will grow and develop socially/emotionally through being a part of the classroom. Children are provided with ample opportunities to interact with each other during independent choice time, circle time, and planned activity time. Children will grow and develop cognitively by being active participants in the classroom. Since children learn by doing, the materials and mediums are changed frequently to foster creative expression. In addition, they are exposed to colors, letters, shapes, and numbers while participating in various activities.

Children will explore the concept of cause and effect, learn observation skills, and learn how to record information using charts and graphs. Children will grow and develop language skills by being encouraged to use their words for expression. Their fine motor skills will be strengthened and developed by manipulating materials and while participating in different activities such as drawing, stringing beads, cutting with scissors, and building with blocks. Gross motor skills will be developed through exercise while riding tricycles, playing basketball, tumbling on the mats in the gym, and through outdoor play.

In addition, Mountainside offers a full-day accredited Kindergarten program. Additional information is available upon request.

“Our daughter, Abby, started in the Preschool Program at Mountainside and is now about to graduate from the Pre-K Program. During her time in Pre-K we have seen a tremendous amount of personal growth in our little girl, demonstrating the well-rounded education she is receiving. Her teachers are always finding creative and fun ways to teach the class; whether playing educational games, performing science experiments, cooking, or going on nature walks. Mountainside also encourages the children to exercise their bodies as well as their minds by offering fun programs such as Jump Jiggle and Jive, soccer camp and singing songs with Mr. Philip. The teachers truly care about each child’s development and work to ensure they are providing your child with a solid foundation for the school years. Abby thoroughly enjoys her time at Mountainside and looks forward to going to school each day.

– Jonathan and Jaymie

“Mountainside is a place where you can feel like your children are cared for, loved, and developed when you leave for the day. The hardest choice we have had to make thus far in life is where our son Miles would be and who would take care of him upon my return to work. At first, we enrolled him with another day care center in the area but we just felt something was missing – and thus began our search for a better match. The moment we walked into Mountainside and met the staff, we knew that it was where he should be…five years later Miles graduated from the Preschool program fully prepared to enroll in Kindergarten.

The Mountainside staff is caring and loving to all the children and they take time out to know and understand the parents – while becoming an integral part of each family’s life for your tenure. If we had to make the decision again we would choose Mountainside without any hesitation. If anything, we thank the amazing staff at Mountainside for being some of the first family, friend, and teachers our son will have known in his early development.”

– Sakina and Seth