Special Programs

  • Music with Mr. Philip
  • Jump, Jiggle & Jive
  • Mandarin Chinese Classes
  • Spanish Lessons with Ms. Vicky for 4 & 5 year olds every Thursday.
  • We are now listed with ChildCare Aware of America as a preferred child care provider for Military Families in the area.  This wonderful agency provides active duty and deployed military families with reduced fee assistance for child care when they are unable to get child care on a military installation. We are so grateful for all of the military women and men who keep us safe, and this is a small way in which we can give back!  For more information:  www.naccrra.org
  • We offer 7 week soccer clinics twice a year, in the fall and in the spring.  The amazing coaches from Best Soccer make these clinics fun for all. Please see:  www.BestSoccer.org 

Parent Testimonials:

“My 4-year old son began Chinese classes at Mountainside this past year. Both my husband and I believe learning a foreign language is instrumental to a child’s education. Neither one of us speak a foreign language fluently presumably because we were not exposed to foreign language until middle school. When the opportunity arose for Jake to take Chinese weekly at Mountainside we jumped at the opportunity. Every week the teacher sends home worksheets with what the children learned that day. Since we don’t speak Chinese it was hard to really grasp what he was learning. One day we decided to sit in on the class. We were amazed. Not only were the children speaking Chinese, their accents were perfect, giving credence to the idea that children learn languages easily when taught early. We have since allowed Jake the use of an old iPhone and downloaded an App for children’s Chinese that we often find Jake using. As a working parent, having this opportunity has been wonderful. Programs such as this are what make Mountainside stand out from the rest.”

— Brian and Kristin

I have enjoyed watching the Music Man perform with my infant son. The program was interactive and age appropriate. The children, including my son, enjoyed singing, dancing, and playing instruments with the Music Man. I thought it was a great creative and energetic outlet for the kids.

— Christine