The Toddler Program at Mountainside

For our young toddlers, we have created a classroom schedule which provides the children with the security of routine and consistency, two factors which children thrive on. Though the class is on the same schedule in terms of meals and sleeping, the individual needs of each child are constantly being met. Our curriculum creates a foundation for all areas of development in an age appropriate manner. We provide open-ended, multi-sensory approach to activities. Through the activities the children will gain development in mobility, autonomy, self-help skills, and they will discover their own unique creativity.

For our older toddlers, up to age 2.9, the curriculum is designed to promote social development in an atmosphere where self-esteem is a high priority. Opportunities to explore novel materials and enjoy new experiences while developing fine/gross motor skills, as well as language skills, are provided daily. With their burgeoning capacities and interests, toddlers enjoy many kinds of play materials, which support their social, cognitive, and physical development.